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Bring Your Life to Life!

jointheapp Video

Watch the teaser to get more information about jointheapp.

How jointheapp enriches your life:

You open the Join App and discover activities nearby.

You can find: Sports in the park. An open breakfast at a local Cafe, or you spend quality time with your dog and join new people with their activities. Join is the place for You and your activities.

Create Your Activities:

You can create your activities within seconds. Share location and time.

Invite new friends within the app.

Happiness is only real when shared. 


Being part of a community enriches life. 
Join connects people that share the same interests. Discover activities and find new people.


Share Your sport passion:
You go running in the morning, or working out on the weekend? Jointheapp makes it easy to create and discover activities.

the City

Just moved to a new city? With jointheapp you can discover your city in a new way. Share Your activity and join in with new people.

Join! Bring Your Life to Life!

Create new activities with 3 simple steps.
Invite new people to activities. 

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